How to Invoke an Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) from a JSP page : WildFly and Eclipse

JSP ( Java Server Pages )technology is used to create web application just like Servlet technology. It can be thought of as an extension to the servlet because it provides more functionality than servlet. A JSP page contains HTML code and JSP tags. The structure of the project done through this tutorial ...Read More

Tutorial : How to invoke an EJB from Java Application Client using WildFly and Eclipse

As defined in the tutorial above, an EJB is a re-usable and managed component deployed on J2EE Application Server such as WildFly. This tutorial is aimed to illustrate how to invoke the functionalities of an already deployed Enterprise Java Bean Tutorial. 1. Importing JAR file for EJB To invoke the methods of ...Read More

Getting started with J2EE : Installing WildFly on Eclipse

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install the J2EE Application server WildFly on Eclipse EE Edition. 1 You need to get Eclipse EE (Not Standard Edition) downloaded from the eclipse website at : make sure you choose the appropriate version depending on your operating system. 2 You may need to ...Read More

Java RMI Example : Auction System for Bidding on products concurrently

In this tutorial, we will be creating a system using Java for an Auction system for users to place bids on a product for sale. It is better to create a user interface for both the server and clients to ease programming aspect for you. The flow chart for the auction is ...Read More

Interface Definition Language IDL Hello World Tutorial with Java and C++

In this tutorial, we will show how to write a simple IDL file and compile for Java and C++. IDL is a specification language used to describe an interface in a language-independent way to enable communication between software components or objects which do not share one language. For example, between those written ...Read More

New Easy Tutorial for Java RMI using Eclipse

In this RMI Programming tutorial, you will be using Eclipse IDE to learn how to create : Simple Remote Object. Server to instantiate (create ) and bind a remote object. Client to invoke remotely an object As RMI is a Java to Java only communication protocol, you need to install the Java ...Read More

Using Sockets to create a group chat system with a graphical interface

In order to create the group chat system using low-level sockets, we will be having three simple steps 1) Creating the user interface 1 We will need to create a folder called “Client” for putting the java files for the client side. 2 Let’s first create a simple graphical interface for the ...Read More

How to transfer or copy a file between computers using java RMI

This is a simple Java project using RMI to show you the basics of how to transfer a file from one computer to another. The application has two sections. 1) Server and 2)Client. 1) Server Section. 1 Open Eclipse and create a new Java Project via : File –> New –> Java ...Read More

Project Ideas for Java RMI : Distributed Applications

Here is a few ideas for creating distributed applications using Java RMI Technology: Screen Broadcasting to other PCs: In this a project: there will be server machine for a lecturer for instance, they want to broadcast what’s happening on their computer to students computers. Including mouse movements.Example for this project: Controlling ...Read More

Group Chat Example using Java RMI with a Graphical User Interface

The aim of this tutorial is to motivate you for creating a very simple project using Java RMI showing an basic example of a distributed system. You may need to download Eclipse and Java JDK and get them installed on your machine regardless your operating system ( Windows or Linux ). There ...Read More