Project Ideas for Java RMI : Distributed Applications

Here is a few ideas for creating distributed applications using Java RMI Technology:

  • Screen Broadcasting to other PCs:
    In this a project: there will be server machine for a lecturer for instance, they want to broadcast what’s happening on their computer to students computers. Including mouse movements.Example for this project:
  • Controlling PCs with a single keyboard and Mouse:
    Having two or three computers adjacent to each other and getting tired from switching from keyboard to keyboard.  You may create an application that would make those multiple machine as one virtual computer that can be controlled using only one keyboard and one mouse. The cursor can be moved from one screen to another screen seamlessly.
    Example : Synergy
  • MusicMix DJs: Collaborative music mixing from different PCs into a single speaker.
    Music at the end is a mixture of sound.  So, let’s try to be innovative to create a distributed systems letting people mix sound remotely, everyone controlling their bit and see what kind of music we will invent next.
  • Collaborative Text Editor
  • Folder Auto-Synchronisation between different machines.
  • Controlling one PC from multiple machines.