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Java RMI Example : Group Chat Implementation

If you are new to Java RMI, you are strongly advised to follow a step by step tutorial at the link below: The aim of this tutorial is to take through a motivating example of getting multiple users to chat with each other from different PC. We will be creating a chat ...Read More

Java RMI Example : Simple Chat Program between Server and Client

In this tutorial, we will create a simple chat program using two users. One user will be chatting from the server side, whilst the other user would be chatting from the client side of the RMI application. The structure of the files for the projects created using Eclipse throughout this tutorials is ...Read More

Common Errors for Running RMI Hello World!

Here are a suggested list of the common errors that you would get when running a simple Hello World for Java RMI. Error 1: When running the rmiregistry, you would get error: To fix this error you need to configure the variable Path to include the bin folder of your JDK. Error ...Read More

A Step by Step Implementation Tutorial for Java RMI

In this RMI Programming tutorial, we will learn how to create : Simple Remote Object. Server to instantiate (create ) and bind a remote object. Client to invoke remotely an object As RMI is a Java to Java only communication protocol, you need to install the Java Development Kit ( JDK ) ...Read More

Introduction to Java Remote Method Invocation : RMI

Java RMI is a specification for how Java Object  can be accessed  Remotely. Java RMI allows programmers to execute remote function class using the same semantics as local functions calls. The implementation of RMI is within the Java Remote Method Protocol ( JRMP ) library. The main Drawback of RMI is that ...Read More